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Setup MySQL

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Setup MySQL

Setup a MySQL database


Copy and paste the following snippet into your .yml file.

- name: Setup MySQL
  uses: mirromutth/mysql-action@v1.1
Learn more about this action in mirromutth/mysql-action
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MySQL GitHub Action Test status

This GitHub Action sets up a MySQL database in Docker.

It supports various MySQL options to accurately configure and execute MySQL. So it may not be your best choice when you just want to run a simple MySQL, see The Default MySQL.

It is based on the Docker container and is limited by Github Actions, which contains only Linux now. Therefore it does not work in Mac OS and Windows environment.


- uses: mirromutth/mysql-action@v1.1
    host port: 3800 # Optional, default value is 3306. The port of host
    container port: 3307 # Optional, default value is 3306. The port of container
    character set server: 'utf8' # Optional, default value is 'utf8mb4'. The '--character-set-server' option for mysqld
    collation server: 'utf8_general_ci' # Optional, default value is 'utf8mb4_general_ci'. The '--collation-server' option for mysqld
    mysql version: '8.0' # Optional, default value is "latest". The version of the MySQL
    mysql database: 'some_test' # Optional, default value is "test". The specified database which will be create
    mysql root password: ${{ secrets.RootPassword }} # Required if "mysql user" is empty, default is empty. The root superuser password
    mysql user: 'developer' # Required if "mysql root password" is empty, default is empty. The superuser for the specified database. Can use secrets, too
    mysql password: ${{ secrets.DatabasePassword }} # Required if "mysql user" exists. The password for the "mysql user"

If want bind MySQL host port to 3306, please see The Default MySQL.

See Docker Hub for available MySQL versions.

See Creating and using secrets (encrypted variables) for hiding database password.

The Default MySQL

MySQL may be installed and started by Github Actions (aka. the Default MySQL), that version is 5.7 generally, root superuser password is "root" and port is 3306. See Software in virtual environments for GitHub Actions.

So before set-up a MySQL which host port is 3306 in Docker, please make sure the Default MySQL has been shutted-down. Otherwise, action will fail and print an error log that looks like: Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp bind: address already in use. (See #2)

Sure, if you do not care about MySQL options, such as version, bound port, character set, character collation, root password, etc., you can use the Default MySQL instead of this Action.

Shutdown the Default MySQL

    runs-on: ubuntu-${{ ubuntu-version }} # is Ubuntu environment

    # ... some other config ...

    - # ... some prepare steps, like action/checkout, run some script without MySQL, etc.

    - name: Shutdown Ubuntu MySQL (SUDO)
      run: sudo service mysql stop # Shutdown the Default MySQL, "sudo" is necessary, please not remove it

    - # ... some steps before set-up MySQL ...
    - name: Set up MySQL
      uses: mirromutth/mysql-action@v1.1
        # ... Set-up MySQL configuration, see Usage

    - # ... some steps after set-up MySQL ...

    # ... some another config ...


This project is released under the MIT License.

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