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Skip based on commit message

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Skip based on commit message

Common filters to stop workflows


Copy and paste the following snippet into your .yml file.

- name: Skip based on commit message
  uses: veggiemonk/skip-commit@1.0.0
Learn more about this action in veggiemonk/skip-commit
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GitHub Actions to skip based on commit message

If the last commit message contains the string skip-ci, the action will stop.

Just use YAML (recommended)

Thank to @smnbbrv who kindly shared this solution with us here

    name: Build and test
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    if: "!contains(github.event.head_commit.message, 'ci skip')"

Just use BASH

  - name: should it be skipped?
      COMMIT_FILTER: "skip-ci"
    run: | 
      # Get last commit message
      readonly local last_commit_log=$(git log -1 --pretty=format:"%s")
      echo "last commit log: $last_commit_log"

      readonly local filter_count=$(echo "$last_commit_log" | grep -c "$COMMIT_FILTER" )
      echo "number of occurence of '$COMMIT_FILTER' in '$last_commit_log': $filter_count"

      if [[ "$filter_count" -eq 0 ]]; then
        echo "all good, continue"
        echo "the last commit log \"$last_commit_log\" contains \"$COMMIT_FILTER\", stopping"
        exit 78

Or use the container (not recommended / deprecated)

If a commit message contains a string defined as the environment variable $COMMIT_FILTER, the action will stop.

For example:

action "Skip" {
  uses = "veggiemonk/skip-commit@master"
  env = {
    COMMIT_FILTER = "skip-ci"
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