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Upload Android Release to Play Store

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Upload Android Release to Play Store

An action to upload a signed Android release (.apk or .aab) to the Google Play Store Developer Console


Copy and paste the following snippet into your .yml file.

- name: Upload Android Release to Play Store
  uses: r0adkll/upload-google-play@v1
Learn more about this action in r0adkll/upload-google-play
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Upload Android release to the Play Store

This action will help you upload an Android .apk or .aab (Android App Bundle) file to the Google Play Console using the Google Play Developer API v3.


Input Description Value Required
releaseFiles The Android release file(s) to upload (.apk or .aab) Comma-separated paths. Supports glob via fast-glob true
serviceAccountJsonPlainText The service account json in plain text, provided via a secret, etc The contents of your service-account.json true (or serviceAccountJson)
packageName The package name, or Application Id, of the app you are uploading A valid package name, e.g. com.example.myapp. The packageName must already exist in the play console account, so make sure you upload a manual apk or aab first through the console true
track The track in which you want to assign the uploaded app. Defaults to production One of production, beta, alpha, internalsharing, internal, or a custom track name (case sensitive) true
releaseName The release name. Not required to be unique. Default is configured by Google Play Console A user-friendly update name, e.g. v1.0.0 false
inAppUpdatePriority In-app update priority of the release. All newly added APKs in the release will be considered at this priority. Defaults to 0 [0-5], where 5 is the highest priority false
userFraction Percentage of users who should get the staged version of the app. (0.0-1.0) false
status Release status. Defaults to completed. One of completed, inProgress, halted, draft. Cannot be null. false
whatsNewDirectory The directory of localized "whats new" files to upload as the release notes. The files contained in the whatsNewDirectory MUST use the pattern whatsnew-<LOCALE> where LOCALE is using the BCP 47 format A path to a valid whatsNewDirectory false
mappingFile The mapping.txt file used to de-obfuscate your stack traces from crash reports A path to a valid mapping.txt file false
debugSymbols The file or folder that contains your debug symbols A path to a valid file file or a folder false
changesNotSentForReview Indicates that the changes in this edit will not be reviewed until they are explicitly sent for review from the Google Play Console. Defaults to false true or false false
serviceAccountJson The service account json private key file to authorize the upload request. Can be used instead of serviceAccountJsonPlainText to specify a file rather than provide a secret A path to a valid service-account.json file true (or serviceAccountJsonPlainText)
existingEditId The ID of an existing edit that has not been completed. If this is supplied, the action will append information to that rather than creating an edit A valid, unpublished Edit ID false
releaseFile Please switch to using releaseFiles as this will be removed in the future false


Output Environment Variable Description
internalSharingDownloadUrls INTERNAL_SHARING_DOWNLOAD_URLS A JSON list containing the download urls for every release file uploaded using the internalsharing track
internalSharingDownloadUrl INTERNAL_SHARING_DOWNLOAD_URL The download url for the last release file uploaded using the internalsharing track

Example usage

The below example publishes MyApp to Google Play, targetting 33% (0.33) of users with a priority of 2.

uses: r0adkll/upload-google-play@v1
  serviceAccountJsonPlainText: ${{ SERVICE_ACCOUNT_JSON }}
  packageName: com.example.MyApp
  releaseFiles: app/build/outputs/bundle/release/app-release.aab
  track: production
  status: inProgress
  inAppUpdatePriority: 2
  userFraction: 0.33
  whatsNewDirectory: distribution/whatsnew
  mappingFile: app/build/outputs/mapping/release/mapping.txt
  debugSymbols: app/intermediates/merged_native_libs/release/out/lib


I get the error "Package not found"

Make sure you upload an apk or aab manually first by creating a release through the play console.

The whatsNewDirectory in this example supplies changelogs for English, German and Japanese

└─ whatsnew/
  ├─ whatsnew-en-US
  ├─ whatsnew-de-DE
  └─ whatsnew-ja-JP