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BackHub creates recurring backups of your repositories and metadata with daily snapshots up to 30 days back in time.

Having a backup is essential in case of a disaster. However, most developers don't have one because it's a pain to write the script, set up and document the infrastructure and make sure it runs reliably every day.

With BackHub you don't have to worry about this. Set up reliable backups for your GitHub repositories in minutes and recover anytime in case of a disaster.


  • Don't worry about maintaining, executing or documenting your backup script
  • Clone from BackHub in case GitHub is temporarily unavailable
  • Rollback to a previous state of your repository from a snapshot in case something went wrong
  • Restore from your backup in case your repository has been accidentally deleted

Key Features

Snapshots up to 30 days back in time

BackHub creates daily snapshots of all your GitHub repository backups. You can quickly restore a previous state of your repository or metadata up to 30 days back in time.

Backup issues, milestones and more

Backups include not only the repository with all branches but also all metadata like issues, milestones, releases etc. associated with the repository.

Download, clone or restore to GitHub

You can download the repository, metadata and wiki from every snapshot available. BackHub can also restore your repository to GitHub via the GitHub API or you can clone from BackHub directly.

Recurring backups with snapshots up to 30 days back in time of all your GitHub repositories.
Backups include the repository and metadata like issues, milestones and more. Download repository, metadata or wiki straight from BackHub.
Restore repositories and metadata back to GitHub with the BackHub restore utilities.
Share backups among admins and owners of your GitHub organization.

Pricing and setup

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30 Repositories

Up to 30 repository backups

  • Backups of up to 30 repositories
  • Backup snapshots of the last 30 days
  • Backup issues, milestones and more
  • Download files and metadata or restore back to GitHub
$18 / month
$216 / year

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