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Our platform automates security engineering, allowing teams to identify and automatically fix misconfigurations in run-time and build-time

  • Easily automate deployment and ongoing management of security workflows
  • Instant compliance to security requirements
  • Bridgecrew ships with industry-standard controls that connect to existing infrastructure. With continuous monitoring, Bridgecrew makes sure that the right resources have the right configurations at all times.

Automate Manual Security Tasks

Bridgecrew is making it easier for security practitioners to work closely with development and operations teams to securely grow from initial migration through day-to-day management.

Fix Broken and Vulnerable Infrastructure

Bridgecrew automates the actions required to find and fix misconfigurations.


Bridgecrew uses existing APIs to periodically check your cloud infrastructure's compliance to defined security policies and identify incidents of non-conformance.


Bridgecrew offers a variety of automated and manual methods for correcting and reporting Policy violations.

Quickly scan all your repos and get familiar infrastructure code issues

Pricing and setup

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Community plan

Find & fix security and compliance issues in Terraform and AWS CloudFormation

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