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Spend more time shipping and less time re-running flaky tests

BuildPulse automatically detects flaky tests and highlights the most disruptive ones so you know exactly where to focus first for maximum impact.

Integrates with popular test frameworks for JavaScript (Cypress, Jest), Ruby (minitest, RSpec), Go, Python, and others.

Works with CircleCI, GitHub Actions, Semaphore, Travis CI, Jenkins (beta), and Buildkite (beta). Others are available by request.

Fix flaky tests faster

Enjoy one-click access to the build logs and the code for each flaky test. Quickly see what's failing and why, so you can get things back on track.

Get your test suite healthy and keep it that way

Catch new flaky tests before they have a chance to fester. Fix them while the change that caused them is still fresh in the team's mind.

Don’t just wonder whether things are getting better

Stay up to date with stability trends delivered directly to your inbox each week. Monitor CI health across your organization, so you can focus your resources where they'll have the biggest impact.

Pays for itself in saved developer time

Don't waste time manually opening issues for flaky tests. That's miserable work that begs for automation.

+ Enjoy personalized support from BuildPulse's founder. Whether you need help choosing a plan today, or you have questions or feedback while using BuildPulse, you can get in touch any time!

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Pricing and setup

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300,000 test results/day

  • 300,000 test results/day
  • Everything in team plan
$299 / month

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