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Check Run Reporter

Check Run Reporter takes your JUnit, Checkstyle, and other structured reports and presents their results to you right in the GitHub UI. No more need to dig through your pages of CI logs to find out why your build failed.

Test Results

All of your test results will appear right in the Pull Request's details view. If the line that failed can be determined from the test report, you'll also see the error in the diff. If your test suite can produce JUnit, it works with Check Run Reporter.

Style Violations

Style violations will be presented right in the pull request diff, so you'll be able to see exactly what went wrong next to the style rule that didn't hold. Check Run Reporter supports the native report formats of ESlint, SwiftLint and the TypeScript compiler and we recently added support for Checkstyle, opening up most every style-checker out there.

If you have a test or style report format that we don't support, reach out and we'll look into adding it.

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Pricing and setup

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Check Run Reporter


See your CI failures without leaving GitHub

  • Unlimited public repositories
  • Unlimited private repositories
  • 50000 submissions/month
  • 1GB of submissions/month
$19 / month
$199 / year

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