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Cloudback Backup

Cloudback secures your GitHub repositories with recurrent data backups

  • Automatic repository backups
  • Restore/download repository with a few clicks
  • Customer storages: AWS, OneDrive, Azure, Google Cloud, Wasabi, Alibaba, and more
  • Cloudback storages: USA, EU, UK, Asia
  • Invoiced customers support
  • Data deduplication
  • Instant email and messenger notifications
  • Password-protected archives with AES-256 encryption
  • AWS S3 Object Lock Support
  • And more


We offer the most comprehensive backup on the market. Cloudback lets you store all the information you need to restore the entire repository in the event of a disaster. Back up the GitHub repository code, issues, labels, comments, milestones, etc.

Flexible schedule

You can set up a flexible schedule for each repository. Cloudback then automatically backs up the repositories according to the schedule. You can also manually trigger a backup at any time.

Customer-managed storage providers

  • Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Amazon S3
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Alibaba Cloud Object Storage
  • OpenStack Swift

Cloudback-managed storages

  • US, EU, UK, Sidney, Singapore

Data deduplication

Reduce storage costs while using your own storage. Learn more

And more

Learn more about Cloudback features in our documentation

Cloudback Backup screenshot

Pricing and setup

Cloudback Backup logo preview
Cloudback Backup

Per 100 repositories monthly plan

Backups your repositories to the cloud

  • User-defined cloud storage providers
  • Unlimited repository size
  • 14 days free trial
  • Priority email support
$75 per x100 repositories
/ month

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