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Codecov | Code Coverage

Codecov | Code Coverage

Automatic test report merging for all CI and languages into a single code coverage report directly into your pull request

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Supported languages

JavaScript, Ruby, Python, C, Java, Scala, R, Go, C#, and Swift

Codecov provides highly integrated tools to group, merge, archive and compare coverage reports.

  1. Uploads coverage reports from your CI
  2. Merges all builds and languages into one beautiful, coherent report.
  3. Displays coverage data in GitHub Files tab

Highly detailed pull request comments and customizable commit statuses will improve your team's workflow and code coverage incrementally.

Always free for public repositories!

##Pricing for private repos
Only have 1 user in your organization (or want to start with only 1 user)? It's free on

Up to 10 users with basic functionality? $4/user/month only on Codecov

Otherwise, see list pricing below.

How does pricing work? Only paid users can view reports on private repos and post Codecov statuses/comments on PRs.


  • Do you merge multiple uploads to the same commit? Yes
  • Do you support multiple languages in the same project? Yes
  • Can you group coverage reports by project and/or test type? Yes

Notable Features

Split your coverage reporting by type of test and module/file path with Flags and Components

Through Github Checks API coverage overlay directly in GitHub UI to assist in code review.

Codecov | Code Coverage screenshot

Pricing and setup

Unlimited public repositories


Use Codecov's standard plan with all features and unlimited private repositories

$12 user/ month


Use Codecov's standard plan with all features and unlimited private repositories

  • All Codecov features
  • Unlimited private repositories
  • Unlimited commits
  • Email support
$12/ month
per user

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