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CodeScene is a quality visualization tool for software. Prioritize technical debt, detect delivery risks, and measure organizational aspects. Fully automated.

  • Prioritize development hotspots based on Code Health measure.
  • Integrates with GitHub checks to supervise hotspots in pull requests.
  • Utilize socio-technical analyses to measure off-boarding risks, detect team coordination bottlenecks, etc.

CodeScene includes both technical and organizational analyses like team coupling in code and key personnel dependencies. CodeScene's sweet spot is to prioritize technical debt based on the business impact.

CodeScene also act as a quality gate to supervise the code health of hotspots in pull requests. Our novel visualizations make all this information easily accessible to all stakeholders.

CodeScene lets you analyse code in multiple repositories and supports all major programming languages.

CodeScene is a tactical tool that helps you base your decisions on data. The analyses have evolved from the book Software Design X-Rays: Fix Technical Debt with Behavioral Code Analysis.

CodeScene's dashboards make it easy to navigate, filter, and explore. You'll never miss a critical hotspot!
Identify development hotspots with low code health. Follow up with a virtual code review and detailed priorities directly inside CodeScene.
CodeScene's Code Health metric show the status of your hotspots at a glance. Quick and actionable.
Integrate CodeScene with GitHub pull requests to supervise hotspots and code health.
Detect implicit dependencies between different modules that aren't visible in the code itself.

Pricing and setup

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Analyze up to 5 open-source projects for free

  • Max 10 repositories per project
  • Max 5 public projects
  • Unlimited number of active authors
  • Max 10,000 commits per project

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CodeScene is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms of service, privacy policy, and support contact.