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Coding Rooms

The first real-time platform for teaching programming online and in-person that enables you to connect with each student, see their work, and engage with their code instantly.

  • State of the art video conferencing, audio, group messaging, and direct chat support for all classrooms.

  • See, edit, and comment on every student's code in real-time with the unified live teacher dashboard.

  • Present content, code, and configuration with ease, while students watch and work simultaneously.

Real-time Student Code Dashboard

The unified real-time dashboard hands you the power of seeing and interacting with every students’ coding pad in real time. The live coding dashboard enables each instructor to see every student's coding, debugging, testing, and thinking processes in real-time. This allows you to provide 100% individualized feedback, help, and support to every student throughout the entire duration of a class at the moment they need it most.

Smart IDE That Solves Problems for You

With Coding Rooms, gone are the days of managing installs, configurations, versions, permissions, and different operating systems. We bring it all to the browser and sync it across your entire classroom instantly. We also couple that with our state-of-the-art smart IDE that offers real-time suggestions, error checking, and help to you and your students!

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Real-time Student Code Dashboard

Pricing and setup

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Coding Rooms

Free Tier

Free Tier

  • Schedule & share classrooms (limited to 30-minutes each)
  • Invite up to 4-students to your classrooms
  • Unified live student coding dashboard
  • Live audio, video, screenshare, presentation, group chat, and direct messaging

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