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YAML configs and K8s manifests validation tool

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The Datree app allows engineering teams to automatically identify errors in newly committed YAML configs, including k8s manifests, and prevent these misconfigurations from reaching production.

On app installation, a new PR is created for each connected repository with a workflow for YAML (schema) validation. If one of the scanned (yaml) files happens to be a K8s manifest file, Datree will also run a K8s schema validation and a policy check for preventing K8s misconfigurations.

:shipit: Connect to Datree’s dashboard

Signing in to Datree’s dashboard provides you with the following capabilities (and more)

✔️ Bird's-eye view: instead of checking each workflow result separated, watch it all in one aggregated view.

✔️ Tailored policy: no need to waste time on setup with 50+ built-in rules to customize your K8s policy.

For more info - check out open-source project and docs.

yaml validation

Pricing and setup

Stand Alone Offering Available as Open-Source


🚔 E2E policy enforcement solution to run automatic checks for rule violations

$30 Kubernetes Node/ month

$250/month plan

$250/ month

Datree Prevent Misconfigurations and Security issues

$250/month plan

$250/ month

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