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Code Review Doctor

Python and Django code review tool that offers the fix right inside your PR

  • Fix more bugs during code review before they are merged
  • Reduce the toil of code review and prevent mistakes
  • Improve team agility through better code quality
  • Up-skill junior developers with learning resources
  • Enhance the security and improve performance of your Django website
  • Setup in 10 seconds and nothing to install or update
  • Airtight privacy policy and security guaranteed

Catch more Python and Django bugs during code review

An extra pair of eyes on your PRs to prevent human error missing common anti-patterns and bugs.

Nothing to install
Run Code Review Doctor at any time in your browser. It's all hosted in the cloud so there's nothing to install. Just click and read the results.

Automatically fix
Code Review Doctor can even commit the fix to your branch with no extra effort from you.

Prevent bugs
Prevent Python and Django bugs, edge-cases, and code-smells from reaching production.

Nothing to upgrade
No need to manually upgrade libraries on your repositories, so you get code quality improvements with no maintenance overhead.

Articles and lessons
Improve your Python and Django skill with articles explaining all the problems identified, why to avoid them, and how to fix them.

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Pricing and setup

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Code Review Doctor


Free tier

For personal accounts only

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Code Review Doctor is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms of service, privacy policy, and support documentation.