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GitKraken Boards

GitKraken Boards syncs in real-time with GitHub Issues and GitHub Milestones so changes made in either system are immediately reflected in the other. Link cards to GitHub pull requests, check PR statuses, auto-update cards based on PR statuses and view build statuses without leaving GitKraken Boards.

Plus, use GitHub Actions to automate your workflow; trigger automated actions in GitKraken Boards by linking cards to pull requests descriptions or commit messages in GitHub.

Benefits of GitKraken Boards

  • Easily Accessible: Open in GitKraken Git GUI, browser, mobile app, Atom or VS Code.
  • Track Anything: Track tasks, issues, milestones, etc.
  • Collaborative Boards: Invite team members & set security permissions.
  • Column Automations: Automatically trigger updates with certain actions.
  • Integrations: GitHub, Slack & GitKraken Git GUI integrations reduce context switching.
  • Views: Kanban board, calendar, or timeline view. Set up a calendar feed to see due dates in Google Calendar/iCal.
  • Dashboards: Group boards & display them in a dashboard view with activity metrics.
  • Public Boards: Share with a URL.
  • Powerful Search & Filters: Quickly find the information you’re looking for.
  • Images: Set card & board background images.
  • Markdown Support: In card descriptions & comments.
  • Notifications: Get alerts in-app, email, or Slack.
  • Core Features: Labels, assignees, task lists, themes, etc.
Connect GitKraken Boards to GitHub, create a board, and sync it to GitHub. Visualize your workflow, project progress, and real-time updates.
Use GitKraken Boards directly inside your favorite text editors like VS Code and Atom.
Create custom workflows for each board; drag-and-drop cards from one column to the next.
Communicate with team members and manage your projects and tasks directly from Slack.
GitHub automations allow cards to advance to different columns based on the statuses of pull requests in GitHub.

Pricing and setup

GitKraken Boards logo preview
GitKraken Boards


The legendary issue tracker for developers, with GitHub sync.

  • 2-way GitHub Issue Sync
  • Link Cards to GitHub Pull Requests
  • Automate Your Workflow with GitHub Actions
  • GitKraken Git GUI Integration

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GitKraken Boards is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate privacy policy and support documentation.