Localized and up-to-date, all the time. Never get lost in translation again.

GitLocalize is a continuous localization tool built for communities and teams that want to simplify their workflow when translating their content.

GitLocalize automatically syncs with your repository so you can keep your workflow on GitHub. It also keeps you updated on what needs to be translated.

Simple Integration

Just choose your repository and fill out some quick configurations. Then GitLocalize pulls target files to its platform and instantly makes them translatable. After integration, it automatically syncs with the repository by pulling, committing, and sending pull requests. It also starts to keep track of any changes between files.

Awesome Diff Management

GitLocalize parses your file into trackable chunks, links the translation with the original language version, and tells you which sections still need to be translated. Even with frequent updates to your project, GitLocalize keeps localization stress-free.

Localization Workflow

After translating your content, simply send a review request to your team to discuss the updates as you would normally do with a pull request. Once it is confirmed, a pull request is sent back to the repository, and its commits belong to each contributor.

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