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Globalyzer i18n Express

Make your software world-ready to support multiple languages and locale requirements in every sprint and release.

Use Globalyzer to find and fix internationalization (i18n) issues during development when they are easy to fix.

Integrate with your GitHub repositories so every sprint and release is ready for localization for worldwide users.


For i18n detection customization, dashboards and more, contact Lingoport for the Professional Enterprise version

Globalyzer works with a many programming languages and finds:

  • Embedded Strings
  • Concatenations
  • Locale-unsafe methods, functions and classes
  • Static files
  • Programming patters

What is internationalization (i18n)?

Globalyzer i18n Express screenshot

Pricing and setup

Globalyzer i18n Express logo preview
Globalyzer i18n Express

FREE Personal

Your personal repositories, anyone up to 25 commits

For personal accounts only

  • Scan your personal repositories up to 25 commits a month
  • Scans for i18n issues the files modified or added in a commit
  • Reports the result in the commit comments
  • One seat for one GitHub account

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Globalyzer i18n Express is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate privacy policy and support documentation.