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Imgbot is a friendly robot that optimizes your images and saves you time. Optimized images mean smaller file sizes without sacrificing quality.

Shortly after installing Imgbot, you will receive a pull request with all of your images optimized. Just merge the pull request and you’re done! As you work on your project, Imgbot works alongside you to keep your images optimized.

Imgbot uses lossless compression by default.

Why should I optimize my images?

When you’re shipping code and hitting deadlines, it’s easy to forget about optimizing your images. But the truth is, if you don’t optimize your images you are losing money. Web pages with optimized images load faster. Faster pages have higher conversion rates, lower bounce rates, and happier users. And of course, smaller images reduce bandwidth costs for you and your visitors.

Why should I use Imgbot?

Setting up and configuring your own tools can be a complicated and lengthy process. That means you are not focusing on shipping your next big update. With just a few clicks, you can install Imgbot and permanently solve your image optimization problems.

Imgbot is verified by GitHub which mean it has gone through extensive security reviews to make sure Imgbot is reliable and your data is safe. You can trust Imgbot.

An Imgbot pull request