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Open source test management system with over 2M downloads

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The first open source test management system on GitHub Marketplace!

  • For manual & automated testing
  • Internal + external bug trackers
  • Plugable architecture
  • Versatile API layer
  • Made by testers
  • GPL 2 license
  • Extra integration with GitHub

Private Tenant SaaS
Ideal for small teams. Unlimited users, you control who has access. Always the latest version. Tenants are isolated via PostgreSQL schemas.

Everyday testing
As a test engineer use the dashboard to see new work. Execute tests, mark results and report bugs.

Test management
As a QA team lead create test plans and cases, track progress and assign work across multiple teams. Perform peer reviews.

As a test manager see who's doing what and provide status report to stakeholders before release. Centralize your acceptance books!

Bug reporting with 3rd party defect trackers. Extra integration with GitHub.

Test runner plugins
Use plugins for TAP, JUnit and other popular test runners to collect automation results!

External API
Provides full access so you can get creative. Available via JSON and XML RPC with API client in Python.

Support team
9-17 UTC/Mon-Fri support via email. Response within 72hrs.

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Pricing and setup

For product exploration and demo purposes


Read-only access to version tagged containers of upstream Kiwi TCMS. Suitable for experimentation, very small teams, development and convenience during upgrades

$15/ month

Unlimited users. Control who can access. Ideal for small teams.

$50/ month

Private Tenant

Unlimited users. Control who can access. Ideal for small teams.

For organizations only
  • 1x SaaS hosting under *
  • Docker repositories:
  • Always the latest version
  • 09-17 UTC/Mon-Fri support
$50/ month

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Kiwi TCMS is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate privacy policy and support documentation