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automate your pull request workflow

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Automate your GitHub Pull Requests

  • Auto Update – Keep your PRs up to date with master automatically
  • Auto Merge – Add the automerge label to auto merge once CI and Approvals pass.
  • Bot Collaboration – Combine Kodiak with a dependency bot (dependabot, snyk, to automate updating of dependencies

And more! Checkout the Kodiak docs to get started automating your GitHub PRs.


  1. Install the GitHub app

  2. Create a .kodiak.toml file in the root of your repository with the following contents

    # .kodiak.toml
    # Minimal config. version is the only required field.
    version = 1
  3. Configure GitHub branch protection

  4. Create an automerge label (default: "automerge")

  5. Start auto merging PRs with Kodiak! 🎉

    Label your PRs with your automerge label and let Kodiak do the rest!

See the docs for setup information.

If you have any questions please visit our help page.

Kodiak automatically updates branches, merges PRs, deletes branches, and more!

Pricing and setup

Enable Kodiak automation for your repositories.


Base Plan

Enable Kodiak automation for your repositories.

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