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Effortless dependency compliance with your license policies

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From the developer

Licensebat seamlessly integrates with your GitHub build pipeline to make sure your current and future dependencies comply with your license policies.

Goodbye surprises and headaches when auditing your company projects.


1. Fast

Because no one likes to wait for pull request checks, we created Licensebat with Rust to be the fastest flying creature in your build pipeline.

2. Powerful

You can easily configure Licensebat to behave as you'd expect. Accept, block or ignore licenses and dependencies.

3. Safe

Licensebat will scan your dependency manifests and will try to determine the licenses of all your dependencies, even the ones you're not aware of, like transient dependencies.

4. Online Verification

Verify the license compliance of your OSS software with every pull request. Easily integrate Licensebat in your CI pipeline.

5. Know your licenses

Licensebat will try to determine your dependencies' licenses by leveraging the SPDX license list.

6. Language support

The list of languages that Licensebat supports is always growing. Stay tuned for your favorite language to be supported if not already!


Get the gist.

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Pricing and setup

Ideal plan for OSS and for users willing to test the platform.


Perfect for small businesses.

$47/ month

Unlimited plan without any restrictions.

$97/ month


Perfect for small businesses.

  • Unlimited requests for OSS repositories
  • 100 requests/month for private repositories
  • Get a 2 months discount if you pay annually!
$47/ month

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