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A bot that solves merge conflicts in pull requests without manual intervention.

Automate many of today's impossible merges applying the Semantic Merge technology in Mergedroid.

The result will be fewer conflicts, an increase in your personal and team's productivity, and better code, as you will start doing more and more refactors without fear.

The problem with Pull Requests:

  • GitHub can’t automatically merge many pull requests because many merge conflicts require manual intervention.

  • Git merge algorithm is just text-based

  • Using a merge tool that understands code semantics can automate up to 16-30% of pull requests that would otherwise need to be merged manually.

  • Developers save time when merges are resolved automatically. Manual merges are time-consuming and kill productivity.

Check yourself first

Before installing the application, you may run the Mergedroid Assesment Tool to analyze your repo for the % of merges mergedroid can automate.

If mergedroid can't resolve it

And yet there will be a few merges that mergedroid can't resolve. Git doesn't allow a partial merge resolution. A merge tool that understands code semantics can resolve many of the individual conflicts. gmaster is the tool to resolve them.

Mergedroid Assesment Tool Report Output

Pricing and setup

MergeDroid logo preview

Free and Community Plan

For individuals or orgs with 5 users or less, and individuals working on open source or non-profit repositories.

  • Supported languages: C#, Java, C & C++
  • Limited to 30 semantic merges per repo per month
  • If mergedroid cannot resolve it, it doesn't count towards the 30 semantic merges limit

Next: Confirm your installation location.

MergeDroid is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms of service, privacy policy, and support documentation.

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