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Spend less time managing your GitHub notifications

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Untangle your GitHub notifications

Octobox helps you manage your notifications in the same way Gmail helps you manage your email. Built for developer workflows centred around GitHub issues, pull requests, comments and commits, Octobox makes sure you never miss another mention or misplace another issue.

Don't lose track

Octobox adds an extra "archived" state to each notification so you can mark it as "done". If anything happens on an archived thread, issue or PR, Octobox will move it back into your inbox.

Keep your focus

No more Jedi mind tricks. Combine a wide range of powerful search prefixes and filters help you get straight to the notification you're looking for and focus on just what you need.

Stay fresh

Keep those notifications up to date with live issue, pull-request and CI status', with labels, authors and more shown alongside basic title, organisation, repo and type information.

For one, or for all

Plans tailored to you or your whole organisation — requires installation of the Octobox GitHub App for each organisation for enhanced notification access and live status updates.

Untangle your GitHub notifications

Pricing and setup

Free for open source, forever.


Notifications for all of your private repos and notifications from all repos owned other organisations.

$10/ month

Notifications for all of your organisation's repositories for all members of your organisation.

$100/ month

Organization projects

Notifications for all of your organisation's repositories for all members of your organisation.

For organizations only
  • Unlimited private repositories
  • Unlimited public repositories
  • 14 day free trial
$100/ month

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