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With packit, it's easy to integrate your upstream project into Fedora Project. Your pull requests are built in Fedora version of your choice, so you're always sure that your software works. When you're ready for a release, packit takes care of all the hassle and is able to ship your new upstream release into Fedora Rawhide.

Easy to use

Using Packit Service is very straightforward: add one config file to your repository, followed by an RPM spec file and you're good to go. We also support packit as a CLI tool, so you can always try things locally on your own.

Makes you confident

Packit Service validates your pull requests by building your software in Fedora OS. Once the builds are done, packit lets you know how to install your change inside your environment. Get confidence by trying out your changes yourself before shipping them to your users.

Packit-as-a-Service screenshot

Pricing and setup

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Packit-as-a-Service free plan

Free for open source projects

  • Automatically sync new releases into Fedora Rawhide.
  • Pull Requests are built in Fedora OS, so you see right away if your software works.

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