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A service which helps you integrate your upstream GitHub project into Fedora ecosystem

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What is it

A service aiming to ease the integration of your project with Fedora Linux, CentOS Stream and other distributions.

Who should use it

Upstream projects that want to build RPM packages out of pull requests, commits or releases, test their code changes and bring upstream releases to Fedora Linux ecosystem.

What key features does it offer

Building RPMs

Packit as a Service uses Copr build system to build RPMs from your code changes. This way, you can validate your package will be correctly built from each pull request and also have your changes installable by anyone via YUM repository. Learn more.
Using Packit as a Service is very straightforward: add one config file to your repository, followed by an RPM spec file and you're good to go.


Packit as a Service runs your tests in Testing Farm and can test either the RPM package built in Copr or trigger tests directly on different platforms. Learn more.

Automating Fedora releases

With Packit as a Service, you can easily get your upstream releases to the Fedora dist-git, automatically submit builds in Koji and create Bodhi updates! Learn more.

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Pricing and setup

Free for open source projects


Packit-as-a-Service free plan

Free for open source projects

  • Automatically sync new releases into Fedora Rawhide.
  • Pull Requests are built in Fedora OS, so you see right away if your software works.

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