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PigCI helps track key Ruby on Rails application metrics such as Memory Usage, Database Requests & request time during your test suite. If your test suite shows a dramatic increase in a metric, it'll fail that PR. This will help stop memory leak or performance issues before you deploy them to production.

PigCI uses the pig-ci-rails gem to track metrics while your test suite runs in CI, once your tests complete it'll compare the metrics from your current branch to your primary branch.


  1. Setup your project on PigCI, you'll be given a code sample to add to your spec/rails_helper.rb file.
  2. When you next run your test suite, your overall metrics will be compared to your primary branch & the relevant PR will pass/fail.
Your project overview
Each commit will generate 3 reports
Drill down on each report to find help identify the area of code with an issue
See what requests are making the most DB requests

Pricing and setup

PigCI logo preview

Commercial (Early Bird Special)

For early adopters, get the full product for free for life!

  • Special early adopter pricing
  • includes private repos

Next: Confirm your installation location.

PigCI is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms of service, privacy policy, and support documentation.

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