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Pull Request Checklist Buddy

Do you want to automate default tasks in pullrequests for manual work like preparing release notes, UI testing or security audits?

This app has you covered. It adds tasks, comments and checklists to your PRs automatically.

💡 You can also prevent merges of PRs with unfinished tasks through the plug-ins own status check

Configuration is simple, file-based, and low-maintenance:

  • PRCHECKLIST file (convention over configuration)
  • ready to be versioned, e.g. for auditing

Example for UI testing:

--files ui/** +title+ Frontend testing checklist :art:
--files ui/** +task+ UI changes visually inspected on Chrome
--files ui/** +task+ UI changes visually inspected on Safari

Example for security audits:

--files *.java --target main +title+ Change secure? :lock:
--files *.java --target main +task+ New public endpoints enforce authorization?
--files *.java --target main +task+ [OWASP top 10]( considered?

📖 See syntax documentation and examples in GitHub for more information.

Also check our roadmap.
Questions? Contact us at

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Pricing and setup

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Pull Request Checklist Buddy

Free Plan

Free for public repositories

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