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A sidekick for repository maintainers

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Repo maintenance is hard — you could use a hand

Ranger is a sidekick for repo maintainers. It reduces the burden of repository maintenance by automating common tasks, like:

  • Auto-merging pull requests when all the status checks pass
  • Auto-closing issues when a specific label is applied after a preconfigured amount of time
  • Creating frequent comments in a standardized manner
  • Auto-deleting branches after pull requests have been merged
  • and more!

Ranger provides maintainers a set of fire-and-forget tools to automate common actions, while making them friendly and consistent.

Simply apply labels to close issues, merge pull requests, or create typical comments automatically. All configurable through a simple YAML file.

Applying the specific labels will prompt Ranger to automatically merge your pull request after all the status checks have passed, so you don't have to keep checking on it.

Ranger will also notify users so you don't have to, for example when explaining why an invalid issue is being closed.

It works out of the box. However, you can configure Ranger so that each label has a different custom action and comment message, simply by adding a .github/ranger.yml file with your config.

For more details on how to configure Ranger, or for more ideas on how to use it, check out the docs!

Built with Probot 🤖

Autoclose issues after a preconfigured amount of time, and let your users know why!

Pricing and setup

Unlimited open source repositories


Perfect for solo makers — unlimited public and 3 private repositories

$5/ month

For small teams in need of an extra hand — 5 private repositories, unlimited public

$10/ month

Perfect for companies — 100 private repositories

$250/ month


Perfect for solo makers — unlimited public and 3 private repositories

For users only
  • Unlimited public repositories
  • 3 private repositories
$5/ month

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