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Keep dependencies up-to-date with automated Pull Requests

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Mend Renovate | Dependency Update Automation

Renovate: an open-source tool which automatically creates pull requests for all types of dependency updates. Includes crowdsourced test and package adoption data are used to flag potentially risky updates and enable auto-merging for those that meet user-defined conditions.

How Renovate works:

  • Scans your repos to detect dependencies (wide package manager support)
  • Checks if any newer versions exist
  • Raises PRs for available updates

How Does Mend Renovate Make My Life Easier?

Reduce technical debt through automated, proactive dependency updates. Cease falling behind the latest versions.

Avoid Zero Day vulnerability fire drills by keeping your project nimble so you can apply urgent, zero-day security updates without risk.

Stop worrying about breaking your build. Crowdsourced merge confidence and package adoption data are used to identify whether an update can be safely merged or contains potential risk.

Automate high confidence updates. Set up auto-merging without human intervention, for updates that pass your tests and satisfy the auto-merge rules you define.

Group and schedule updates to ensure they don’t interrupt your existing workflows.

How To Get Started?

Install the app and select the repos you would like. For each selected repo, an Onboarding PR will be created. Renovate has robust defaults so as soon as you merge the Onboarding PR, you’ve already gotten started!

Receive a no-risk onboarding PR that tells you what will happen after you activate and lets you reconfigure to see an updated preview description

Pricing and setup

Enjoy Renovate as a service for free, hosted by


Mend Free Plan

Enjoy Renovate as a service for free, hosted by

  • Private and Public repositories

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