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Automated Dependency Management

  • Automatically updates npm, Yarn, Docker, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, and Go dependencies via Pull Requests
  • Extensive configurability. Make Renovate fit in with your workflow, not vice versa
  • Native lock file support (package-lock.json and yarn.lock), no config necessary
  • Monorepo support - detects every package file in a repository and updates all
  • Supports shared presets similar to eslint shared configs

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Intelligent onboarding

Receive an onboarding PR first that previews what happens next, so there's no surprises.

Unopinionated, highly flexible configuration

Modify any of Renovate's smart defaults with custom overrides at the repository, package file, dependency type, and package levels.

Support for monorepo directory structures

Renovate will discover allpackage.json files in each repository. Supports Lerna and Yarn Workspaces with zero config.

Automatic lock file support

Generates npm or yarn lock files and resolves any conflicts if they occur.

Ease the noise with custom schedules

Define schedules in your time zone, any hour of the day or day of the week.
Throttle updates however you want with schedules, configurable right down to the per-package level.

Rules-based automerging

Merge some updates without human intervention if they pass tests and satisfy your automerge rules.

Automerged PR after tests pass
Multiple package files and lock files updated in a single commit
Pull Request with changelog
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