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Review Notebook App

Having trouble using Jupyter Notebooks in your team? Version control, code reviews and collaboration is difficult with Jupyter Notebooks.

ReviewNB provides a complete code review workflow for Jupyter Notebooks on GitHub.

  • Visual diff for every GitHub commit or Pull Request containing Notebooks

  • Commenting on the Notebook diff to review Jupyter Notebook PRs.

You can ask clarifying questions, suggest improvements & open/close issues before approving the PR.

  • (Coming Soon) A CI pipeline for Jupyter Notebooks to continuously test each change. See treon, our open source library for notebook testing.

Our aim is to make Notebooks a first class entity in Data Science & ML teams. More details on our website.

Visual diff for Notebooks and ability to write review comments
See diff for any commit or pull request containing Notebooks
Track all open issues with Conversation Threads
Grant access to select repositories only
Write overall issue comments

Pricing and setup

Review Notebook App logo preview
Review Notebook App


For Moderate Notebook Usage

  • Up to 3 Private Repositories
  • Unlimited Public Repositories
  • Unlimited Users
$15 $7.50 $15 / month
$180 $90 $180 / year

Next: Confirm your installation location and payment information.

Review Notebook App is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate privacy policy and support documentation.

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