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Snyk is on a mission to help developers use open source and stay secure.
Snyk helps find, fix & prevent known vulnerabilities in your Node.js, Java, Ruby, Python and Scala apps. Snyk is free for open source.

Snyk tracks vulnerabilities in over 800,000 open source packages, and helps protect over 25,000 applications.

83% of Snyk users found vulnerabilities in their applications, and new vulnerabilities are disclosed regularly, putting your application at risk.

Snyk works in 4 key steps:

Find Vulnerabilities

Snyk quickly scans all your repos for known vulnerabilities. You can choose whether to give access to your public and/or private repos. Snyk builds the transitive list of your dependencies, and matches them against Snyk's vulnerability database.

Fix Vulnerabilities

Finding vulnerabilities is important, but fixing them is even more!
Snyk finds the minimal changes needed to fix the issues and sends them back to your repo in a Pull Request. Snyk applies patches when upgrades are not possible.

Prevent Vulnerabilities

Snyk runs tests on your PR to notify you when the PR introduces new vulnerabilities and prevent it from being merged.

Continuous Monitoring

New vulnerabilities impacting your apps get introduced daily. Snyk will continuously monitor for those and alert you so you can quickly respond.

Find: Quickly scan all your repos and get a high level overview on the amount of known vulnerabilities

Pricing and setup

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For individuals and small organisations to stay secure.

  • Unlimited tests on open-source projects, 200 tests/month on private projects
  • Single click remediation
  • CI/CD pipeline integration
  • Continuous monitoring

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Snyk is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms of service, privacy policy, and support contact.