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Improve the quality of pull requests and save time on code reviews. Softagram analyses all of your pull requests and provides a deep analysis report of each. Softagram reports show the impact and changes in dependencies quickly, even detecting dependency violations for you.

Eliminate new harmful dependencies
The report illustrates any unwanted or harmful dependencies. Add your own dependency rules and Softagram will automatically warn when they are violated. Keep your internal and external dependencies in order.

Faster code reviews
Softagram visualisation gives a good understanding of the pull request in a few seconds.

See the direct impact of the change
Softagram impact graph shows all the components that are affected by a pull request. This is something you cannot see from the pull request diff at all. It provides important information about possible regression.

Improve the quality of the software
Reduce technical debt with easy detection of architectural violations. Get a better understanding of code changes.

Language support:

  • JavaScript, Java, PHP, Python, C, CPP, C#, .Net, Objective C, Scala, Go, TypeScript, Kotlin
Just open a pull request and follow the checks.

Pricing and setup

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Impact analysis

Full access for everyone in the team, priced by active developers in selected repositories

  • Get the Softagram impact analysis on every pull request
  • Unlimited repos
  • Access to detailed software architecture visualization with Softagram app
$19 per active developer
/ month

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Softagram is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate privacy policy and support documentation.