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Unibeautify CI

Automatically fix your code style issues.

Support for 33 languages and 42 configurable options and rapidly growing!

Simply install the app, configure your repositories with a .unibeautifyrc.yml file, and profit!

Check out the Playground to try out the many supported beautifiers and options! Use the interactive assistant to guide you through creating a personalized configuration file.

Show & Tell

1. Commit Status

On a Pull Request, click Details to view the status report.

2. Status Report

View formatting fixes by clicking Resolve.

3. Comparing Changes

After you've reviewed the changes, click Create pull request to fix your code without ever leaving GitHub! 🚀

View changes in GitHub

Pricing and setup

Unibeautify CI logo preview
Unibeautify CI

Open Source

Free for Open Source and non-commercial use

  • Unlimited public repositories
  • No private repositories
  • Up to 100 files beautified per repository

Next: Confirm your installation location.

Unibeautify CI is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate privacy policy and support contact.