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Enhance your workflow with extensions

Tools from the community and partners to simplify tasks and automate processes


Imgbot logo

A GitHub app that optimizes your images

CodeFactor logo

Automated code review for GitHub

Rewind Backups for GitHub logo

Automatic daily backups of your GitHub repos and metadata with on-demand restores to protect your business

CircleCI logo

Automatically build, test, and deploy your project in minutes

Codecov | Code Coverage logo

Automatic test report merging for all CI and languages into a single code coverage report directly into your pull request

Zube logo



An Agile project management tool that seamlessly integrates with GitHub Issues

Codacy logo

Automated code reviews to help developers ship better software, faster

Code Climate logo

Automated code review for technical debt and test coverage

Azure Pipelines logo

Continuously build, test, and deploy to any platform and cloud

Zenhub logo

Agile Task Boards, Epics, Estimates & Reports, all within GitHub's UI

Slack + GitHub logo

Connect your code without leaving Slack

Octobox logo

Spend less time managing your GitHub notifications

Datree logo

YAML configs and K8s manifests validation tool

Jira Software + GitHub logo

GitHub for Jira synchronizes development across tools and uses automation to remove manual steps and shorten delivery time

Mergify logo

Pull requests automation service. Merge your pull requests faster with automatic merges and a merge queue

Review Notebook App logo

Code Review & Collaboration for Jupyter Notebooks

Ranger logo

A sidekick for repository maintainers

GuardRails logo

GuardRails provides continuous security feedback for modern development teams

GitLive logo

Development teams merge faster with GitLive

Pull Request Size logo

Apply size labels to Pull Requests based on the total lines of code changed