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Enhance your workflow with extensions

Tools from the community and partners to simplify tasks and automate processes

Copilot Extensions

Extend Copilot capabilities using third party tools, services, and data
Docker for GitHub Copilot logo

Learn about containerization, generate Docker assets and analyze project vulnerabilities in GitHub Copilot

Octopus for GitHub Copilot logo

The Octopus extension allows a cloud hosted Octopus instance to be queried via the GitHub Copilot chat interface

ReadMe API logo

ReadMe API


Ask questions about the ReadMe API and get help with code, directly in VS code

LambdaTest logo



Design, implement and analyze test automation right where you code

Sentry Copilot Extension logo

The Sentry Copilot Extension allows developers to fix broken code from the GitHub UI

Product Science logo

Get help with performance optimization techniques to make your code faster

LaunchDarkly for GitHub Copilot logo

The LaunchDarkly Copilot Extension, available under @launchdarkly-app

DataStax logo



Chat with your data! Write queries and code with natural language

Teams Toolkit logo

Create, debug, and deploy Teams apps with Teams Toolkit for GitHub Copilot

Pinecone AI logo

Developers can leverage this app to gain crucial context or build AI applications with vector databases

Pangea logo



The essential security features you need in API-based services that can be implemented easily with just a few lines of code