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Pull Request Size

By Benji Visser

Apply size labels to Pull Requests based on the total lines of code changed


By Licensebat

Effortless dependency compliance with your license policies


By Snowpack

Build Better NPM Packages

Automate Branch Rules

By Canarys Automations

Bulk update the branch protection rules for 1 or all repositories across the organizations in one go

Issue Labeler Bot

By Riyadh Al Nur

A GitHub bot to label issues automatically based on title and body against list of defined label


By Sleekplan

All-in-one feature tracking, roadmap, and changelog - all synced with GitHub Issues


By Move Work Forward

Never miss team health updates and progress


By GitLive

Real-time collaboration and communication for dev teams


By Meeshkan

Meeshkan automatically writes, executes, and reports on a collection of tests to squash bugs and improve your code

Extant DevSecOps

By Extant Security

Speed up your remediation cycles for security vulnerabilities with Extant DevSecOps pipeline tools


By Changwon Choe

Lightweight Github CMS

Git Streaks

By HongHao Zhang

Make coding on GitHub a habit

Create Issue Branch

By Rob van der Leek

Bot that creates an issue branch after assigning an issue

Swift Package Registry

By twodayslate

A Published List of Swift Packages

Wrike-GitHub Sync

By unito

Build two-way workflows across GitHub and Wrike. Sync and filter projects, repos, issues, tasks, comments, assignees and more

Official Nx Cloud App

By Nrwl

Nx Cloud Github App lets you access the result of every run — with all its logs and build insights — straight from your PR


By FeatureNinjas

The only app to serve feature flags from your GitHub repositories


By mergedroid

A bot that solves merge conflicts in pull requests without manual intervention

Codemagic CI/CD

By Nevercode

Cloud-based continuous integration and delivery for Android, iOS, Flutter and React Native projects


Integrated GitHub test solution for CI Results Dashboard, Reporting, Manual Test Case Management, and Exploratory


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