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An easy-to-set-up environment for Duplicacy development
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This directory contains a Makefile for cloning, maintaining and building forks of Gilbert Chen's Duplicacy backup software. It can also be used to clone and build the original sources.

Setup and Initial Build

Edit the Makefile and set the value of REPO to point at a Git repo containing a forked copy of Duplicacy.

Run make to clone and build everything. Note that this process does not re-use anything in your $GOPATH, opting instead for a completely-standalone copy.

Development and Build

A symbolic link called work will take you directly into the part of the Go directory where the Duplicacy sources live.

Make changes, do commits and anything else you'd normally do while working.

Build the Duplicacy binary by running make.

If the build is successful, a symbolic link called duplicacy will appear in the top-level directory. (Conversely, if the build fails, that symbolic link will disappear.)


Before commiting changes, make unpatch will remove a change to one file that makes Duplicacy compile outside of Gilbert Chen's environment.

A make clean will remove everything not distributed with this repository. If changes to the sources other than the aforementioned patch are detected, nothing will be done. This check can be bypassed by doing a make clean-force.

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