Instantly posts your Google Forms responses to a Slack channel
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Google Forms To Slack

Do you have a Google Form? Did you ever wish that you could get a Slack message when someone submits the Google Form? Great, because that is exactly what this script does.

Technology Info

  • This script is a web service client to the Slack Incoming Webhook API; it posts slack messsages using HTTP Post.
  • This is a Google Apps script. That is, a JavaScript environment that can automate Google Drive products such as Google Sheets and Google Forms. It also comes with a neat browser based IDE.


You'll need a few things

  • A Google Sheet attached to your Google Form.
  • An Incoming Webhook integration for your Slack channel. Set this up in Slack and make note of the URL it provides, you'll need it.


  • Open your Google Forms Spreadsheet.
  • In the menu, click on "Tools" -> "Script Editor".
  • Paste the code.js script into the Script Editor.
  • Edit the code you pasted to include the Slack Incoming Webhook URL in the customizations block; change the variable slackIncomingWebhookUrl and then set your channel name in the variable postChannel. Save.
  • Set up the event triggers by running the initialize() function. In the Script Editor's menu bar, select the function initialize and click Run. Agree to any permission requests.
  • You're done! Try it out by submitting a response to your Google Form. If successful, you'll see a new message in your slack channel.