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-- The Original Pyrex Todo List --
DONE - Pointer-to-function types.
DONE - Nested declarators.
DONE - Varargs C func defs and calls.
DONE - * and ** args in Python func defs.
DONE - Default argument values.
DONE - Tracebacks.
DONE - Disallow creating char * from Python temporary anywhere
(not just on assignment).
DONE - Module and function and class doc strings.
DONE - Predeclare C functions.
DONE - Constant expressions.
DONE - Forward C struct declarations.
DONE - Prefix & operator.
DONE - Get rid of auto string->char coercion and
add a c'X' syntax for char literals.
DONE - Cascaded assignments (a = b = c).
DONE - 'include' statement for including other Pyrex files.
DONE - Add command line option for specifying name of generated C file.
DONE - Add 'else' clause to try-except.
DONE - Allow extension types to be declared "public" so they
can be accessed from another Pyrex module or a C file.
DONE - Don't try to generate objstruct definition for external
extension type declared without suite (treat as though
declared with empty suite).
DONE - Implement two-argument form of 'assert' statement.
Const types.
Tuple/list construction: Evaluate & store items one at a time?
Varargs argument traversal.
Use PyDict_SetItemString to build keyword arg dicts?
(Or wait until names are interned.)
Intern names.
print >>file
abs() and anything similar.
Semicolon-separated statement lists.
Optional semicolons after C declarations.
Multiple C declarations on one line?
Optimise return without value outside of try-finally.
exec statement.
from ... import statement.
Use iterator protocol for unpacking.
Save & restore exception being handled on function entry/exit.
In-place operators (+=, etc).
Constant declarations. Syntax?
DONE - Some way for C functions to signal Python errors?
Check for lack of return with value in non-void C functions?
Allow 'pass' in struct/union/enum definition.
Make C structs callable as constructors.
DONE - Provide way of specifying C names.
DONE - Public cdefs.
When calling user __dealloc__ func, save & restore exception.
DONE - Forward declaration of extension types.
Complex number parsetuple format?
DONE - long long type
DONE - long double type?
Windows __fooblarg function declaration things.
Generate type, var and func declarations in the same order that
they appear in the source file.
Provide a way of declaring a C function as returning a
borrowed Python reference.
Provide a way of specifying whether a Python object obtained
by casting a pointer should be treated as a new reference
or not.
Optimize integer for-loops.
Make sizeof() take types as well as variables.
Allow "unsigned" to be used alone as a type name.
Allow duplicate declarations, at least in extern-from.
Do something about installing proper version of pyrexc
script according to platform in
DONE - Add "-o filename" command line option to unix/dos versions.
Recognise #line directives?
Catch floating point exceptions?
Check that forward-declared non-external extension types
are defined.
Generate type test when casting from one Python type
to another.
Generate a Pyrex include file for public declarations
as well as a C one.
Syntax for defining indefinite-sized int & float types.
Allow ranges of exception values.
Support "complex double" and "complex float"?
Allow module-level Python variables to be declared extern.
>cdef extern from "foo.h":
> int dosomething() except -1 raise MyException
Properties for Python types.
DONE - Properties for extension types.
Find a way to make classmethod and staticmethod work better.
DONE - Document workarounds for classmethod and staticmethod.
Statically initialised C arrays & structs.
Reduce generation of unused vars and unreachable code?
Support for acquiring and releasing GIL.
Make docstrings of extension type special methods work.
Treat result of getting C attribute of extension type as non-ephemeral.
Make None a reserved identifier.
Teach it about builtin functions that correspond to
Python/C API calls.
Teach it about common builtin types.
Option for generating a main() function?
DONE - Allow an extension type to inherit from another type.
Do something about external C functions declared as returning
const * types?
Use PyString_FromStringAndSize for string literals?
DONE - C functions as methods of extension types.
What to do about __name__ etc. attributes of a module (they are
currently assumed to be built-in names).
Use PyDict_GetItem etc. on module & builtins dicts for speed.
Intern all string literals used as Python strings?
[Koshy <>]
Make extension types weak-referenceable.
[Matthias Baas <>]
Make 'pass' work in the body of an extern-from struct
or union.
Disallow a filename which results in an illegal identifier when
used as a module name.
Use ctypedef names.
Provide an easy way of exposing a set of enum values as Python names.
[John J Lee <>]
Prevent user from returning a value from special methods that
return an error indicator only.
Use PyObject_TypeCheck instead of PyObject_IsInstance?
Allow * in cimport? [John J Lee <>]
FAQ: Q. Pyrex says my extension type object has no attribute 'rhubarb', but
I know it does.
A. Have you declared the type at the point where you're using it?
Eliminate lvalue casts! (Illegal in C++, also disallowed by some C compilers)
[Matthias Baas <>]
Make Python class construction work more like it does in Python.
Give the right module name to Python classes.
Command line switch for full pathnames in backtraces?
Use PyString_FromStringAndSize on string literals containing
Peephole optimisation? [Vladislav Bulatov <>]
Avoid PyArg_ParseTuple call when a function takes no positional args.
Omit incref/decref of arguments that are not assigned to?
Can a faster way of instantiating extension types be found?
Disallow declaring a special method of an extension type with
'cdef' instead of 'def'.
Use PySequence_GetItem instead of PyObject_GetItem when index
is an integer.
If a __getitem__ method is declared with an int index, use the
sq_item slot instead of the mp_subscript slot.
Provide some way of controlling the argument list passed to
an extension type's base __new__ method?
[Alain Pointdexter <>]
Rename __new__ in extension types to __alloc__.
Implement a true __new__ for extension types.
Way to provide constructors for extension types that are not
available to Python and can accept C types directly?
Support generators by turning them into extension types?
List comprehensions.
Variable declarations inside inner code blocks?
Initial values when declaring variables?
Do something about __stdcall.
Support class methods in extension types using METH_CLASS flag.
Disallow defaulting types to 'object' in C declarations?
C globals with static initialisers.
Find a way of providing C-only initialisers for extension types.
Metaclasses for extension types?
Make extension types use Py_TPFLAGS_HEAPTYPE so their __module__
will get set dynamically?