is a to do list driven by a command line interface. Commands mostly mimic those of todo.txt, however use a more standard Unix style of passing arguments. Data storage is in a sqlite database, using sqlalchemy for access.
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It is a good idea to alias to another name like 't'.  't' will be used throughout the rest of this document as a placeholder for

t --setup must be run first to generate the database file. 

Possible commands:

t --add (or -a) "Task details"
# feedback should be "TODO: 'Task details' added on line # (where # is the key for the task)

t --add (or -a) "Task details +ProjectName" 
# feedback is the same as the standard t add

t --add (or -a) "Task details @Context"
# feedback is the same as the standard t add

# You can add as many projects or context markers as needed to a task.

t -l (or --list) 
# a list of task should print as 'TODO: <priority> <id> <task details>', followed by '# active task.' 

t -s (or --list-search) +ProjectName (or) @Context (or) searchword
# will print a list with a matching project name, context, or searchword.

t -p (or --set-priority) <id#> <priority>
# priority is a letter A, B, or C. The default for new task is C.
# in a list, items that are prioritized are color coded. 

t -u <id> <task description>
# Updates the task description of the given task.

t -c (or --complete) <id#>
# completes the task and removes it from the database
feedback is:
<id#> completed: 'task details'.