Open Source Grammar checker.
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A complete web application for identifying writing problems and offering suggestions.


To run Grammark, you need to have a browser with Javascript enabled (almost all do by default).

Build Architecture

Out-of-Box Installation

If you just want your own version of Grammark on your server, head on over to Clone the files, or download the zip into a directory on your server.

You should now have a fully-functional grammar checker!

Developer Installation

  1. Clone the master branch of this repository:
git clone .
  1. Grammark is built on the yeoman angular scaffolding To facilitate easy development, install yo, grunt-cli, bower, generator-angular and generator-karma:
npm install -g grunt-cli bower yo generator-karma generator-angular

You can then use the following for local development:

Serve the project locally

grunt serve

Build the distribution

grunt build


This software is protected under the GNU General Public License You may use it, provided that any modifications you make to it are available for others to use and modify in a similar manner.


Release Short Description
Grammark Angular (developers) yeoman-Angular build for developers
Grammark Distribution (non-developers) CDN-ified AngularJS out-of-the-box app
Grammark No-SQL Does not require SQL database to run; data stored in filesystem
Grammark 3.0 Twig templating and class-based PHP
Grammark 2.0 Foundation-based CSS with better directory structure and settings files
Grammark 1.0 Custom CSS with flat file structure