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npm install mysql-connection-pool


A Node.js api wrapper for a cluster of MySQL instances. Probably a naive approach but could become more fully-featured and tested in the future. Would only recommend as experimental. Uses node-mysql and underscore modules.

Here's an example using it:

// Load module
var MysqlConnectionPool = require('mysql-connection-pool');

// List of all host configurations
var configurations = [
    {host:'', user:'user', password:'secret', database:'dbname'},
    {host:'', user:'user', password:'secret', database:'dbname'},
    {host:'', user:'user', password:'secret', database:'dbname'}

// Initialize pool of connections
var pool = new MysqlConnectionPool(configurations);

// Opens all connections in the pool;

// Query a connection in the pool, logging output
pool.query('show tables;', function(err, rows){
    if (err){ throw err; }

// Close the entire pool after 3 seconds (otherwise thread remains open)
setTimeout(function(){pool.close();}, 3000);

Using an external config:

var _ = require('underscore');
var config = require('./config');
var MysqlConnectionPool = require('mysql-connection-pool');

var pool = new MysqlConnectionPool(, function(host){
    return {
        host     : host,
        user     : config.user,
        password : config.password,
        database : config.database