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# Maintainer #
Mark Hazlett
# Version #
# How To Install on *nix #
1. Ensure that your vim is compiled with ruby support.
- To do this run vim --verision and ensure +ruby is located somewhere
in the output.
2. Run the following command:
"Sudo apt-get install exuberant-ctags"
3. Checkout the git repo into your home directory
"git clone"
4. Move the vim-config folder to .vim
WARNING - This will overrite all of your current vim configurations.
So please back it up prior to.
"mv vim-config .vim"
5. Move the .vimrc into your home folder
"cd .vim"
"mv .vimrc ~/.vimrc"
# Sections #
-> Initializers
-> General
-> Colors/Fonts
-> File Completions
-> Omnicomplete
-> Tab Navigation
-> Status Line
-> File Navigation
-> Command-T
-> Zend
-> Taglist
-> Tagbar
-> Exuberant CTags
-> NERDTree
-> JSLint
# Plugins #
-> Command-T
Command-T plug-in provides an extremely fast, intuitive mechanism for
opening files.
url -
info -> :help command-t
-> Tagbar
Displays information about
url -
info -> :help tagbar
git - git clone git://
-> Taglist
Taglist is like tagbar but provides a little more description for PHP
url -
-> NERDTree
Displays a tree starting from the directory in which you started vim.
url -
-> PhpComplete
Provides PHP context aware completion using omni complete.
url -
-> Supertab
Provides tab completion for any of the completion types.
url -
-> Exuberant CTags
Provides syntax completion after tags have been generated.
url - sudo apt-get install exuberant-ctags
-> Pathogen
Easy package management for VIM
url -
# Revisions #
-> 1.0 - Initial Revision
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