Sample Durable Functions pipeline for processing an ecommerce order
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Durable Functions E-Commerce Sample

In this sample application, when an order webhook is received (by the NewPurchaseWebhook function), we initiate an order processing workflow.

  • First, it stores a new row in our "database" (using Azure Table storage for simplicity).
  • Second, it requests approval if the value of the order is greater than a certain amount. This involves sending an email to an administrator and them using the "management" web-page to approve or reject the order.
  • Then in parallel it creates a 'PDF' (actually just text file) for each item ordered in a blob storage account and generates SAS tokens to download them.
  • Finally, it sends out an email to the purchaser containing the download SAS tokens.

Local Application Settings

To run the application locally, you'll need to set up your local.settings.json file, which is not checked into source control. An example is shown below:

    "IsEncrypted": false,
    "Values": {
        "AzureWebJobsStorage": "UseDevelopmentStorage=true",
        "AzureWebJobsDashboard": "UseDevelopmentStorage=true",
        "SendGridKey": "<<your sendgrid key here>>",
        "ApproverEmail": "<<your email address here>>",
        "SenderEmail": "",
        "Host": "http://localhost:7071",
        "FUNCTIONS_WORKER_RUNTIME": "dotnet",
        "WEB_HOST": "http://localhost:54045"

Testing from the Web UI

If you set both DurableECommerceWeb and DurableECommerceWorkflow projects as startup projects, then you will be able to proxy through from the Azure Functions project to the website.

Visiting localhost:7071 will take you to a page where you can add items to your shopping cart and create an order.

By visiting localhost:7071/orderStatus/<orderId> you can view the current status of the order.

And visiting localhost:7071/manage takes you to an order management dashboard that lets administrators approve or reject orders for large amounts, as well as purge order history for completed orders.

Testing from PowerShell

Calling the starter function from PowerShell:

$orderInfo = "{ items: [{productId: 'azure-functions', amount:24}], purchaserEmail:'' }"
$webhookUri = "http://localhost:7071/api/NewPurchaseWebhook"
$statusUris = Invoke-RestMethod -Method Post -Body $orderInfo -Uri $webhookUri

# check the status of the workflow
Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $statusUris.StatusQueryGetUri

To simulate an error in PDF generation, use:

$orderInfoErr = "{ items: [{productId: 'error', amount:24}], purchaserEmail:'' }"

To simulate an order needing approval, use:

$orderInfo = "{ items: [{productId: 'durable-functions', amount:3000}], purchaserEmail:'' }"

To send an approval to a specific orchestration:

function Approve-Order {
    Param ([String]$orchestrationId)
    $approvalResult = "{ orchestrationId: '" + $orchestrationId + "', approved:true }"
    $approveOrderUri = "http://localhost:7071/api/ApproveOrder"
    Invoke-RestMethod -Method Post -Body $approvalResult -Uri $approveOrderUri
Approve-Order -orchestrationId <<your-orchestration-id>>