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Azure Functions Todo Backend Implementation

An implementation of the Todo-Backend API using Azure Functions, making use of six Azure functions in a single Azure Function app, using three languages (C#, JavaScript and F#).

The TODOs are stored in Azure Table Storage and accessed by the functions using Input and Output Bindings. Read more about how this API was built here.

Try it out Live

Continuous deployment is set up to deploy the Function App via Git to

You can run the unit tests or try out the client

Running Locally

You need the Azure Functions CLI installed. You'll need to point at an Azure storage account so it has somewhere to store the todos Table.

func settings add AzureWebJobsStorage "DefaultEndpointsProtocol=https;AccountName=<YOURSTORAGEAPP>;AccountKey=<YOURACCOUNTKEY>"

Now we can run with (enabling CORS so we can point the todo-backed test runner at localhost)

func host start --cors *

Note that if the todos table doesn't exist, you'll need to call the POST method first to create a TODO which will create the table


Azure Functions implementation of Todo-Backend



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