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Allow Aldiko 2.0 to use the drinkmalk catalogue again
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Note: This is now out of date; the issue this hack addresses has been resolved (really, I don't know why I didn't just contact them directly, other than the fun of the hack and then forgetting about it. Next time).

DrinkMalk is an eBook catalogue, however the 2.0 release of the Aldiko reader for android is unable to downloads (you can still browse the catalogue). This appears to be because drinkmalk produces output that doesn't quite conform to the spec (a missing rel attribute).

This is a simple proxy that you can run locally and use as alternative catalogue service; it simply forwards all requests to drinkmalk and returns all responses, correcting where needed so that downloads work again.


FixMalk was developed under python 2.5 on OSX, but should work on any platform and later version (and possibly earlier versions, I haven't checked). You will need fixmalk running on a machine on the same wireless network that your phone is connected to.

Assuming you are going to run fixmalk on a machine with the IP address, create a new custom catalogue in Aldiko using the url, and run fixmalk. You should then be able to browse and download books through your fixmalk catalogue.


Drinkmalk itself comes with a warning that it is only intended to be used to read electronic copies of books you already own; please heed this and be aware that of course fixmalk doesn't circumvent it in any way.

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