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Being more verbose with LESS options, since I have to read them here

but not type them.
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1 parent d964aa5 commit 85af7cb1be81c28d3395de0cb7b3d8b3b09cbe21 @markhepburn committed Aug 31, 2010
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10 .bashrc
@@ -104,9 +104,13 @@ if [ -f ~/src/git- ]; then
-# hep016 30/10/07:
-# Make `less' display page location:
-export LESS="-M -R -F -X"
+# options for `less': Respectively, include more detail in the prompt;
+# display colours properly; and just dump output to console rather
+# than paging if it's less than a page (with --quit-if-one-screen/-X
+# being needed to prevent a subsequent redraw erasing the contents
+# again).
+# export LESS="-M -R -F -X"
+export LESS="--LONG-PROMPT --RAW-CONTROL-CHARS --quit-if-one-screen --no-init"
# set PATH so it includes user's private bin if it exists

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