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;;; init.el --- My Emacs Initialisation Load File
;;; Overview: This file is the root of customisations; it should be
;;; kept under version control and just referred to by symlinking
;;; ~/.emacs to it. It mostly just loads individual groups of
;;; customisations (either generic, or mostly mode- or task-specific).
;;; This makes it easier to toggle them on or off, and easier to
;;; follow for the most part. The convention is that all files loaded
;;; from here begin with "custom-"; this is simply so that they are
;;; grouped together in the base directory (the exception is the
;;; platform-specific customisations, which for simplicity is just the
;;; platform name as reported by 'system-type).
;; Measure load-time for .emacs:
;;; Code:
(defvar *mh/load-start-time* (current-time))
;;; Commentary:
(require 'cl)
(defvar *mh/init-base* (file-name-directory (file-truename user-init-file)))
(defvar *mh/lisp-base* (concat *mh/init-base* "lisp/")
"Base code directory; contains free-standing code and
subdirectories of other projects. Defaults to the lisp
subdirectory of the location containing the user's initialisation
file (including following symlinks).")
(add-to-list 'load-path *mh/lisp-base*)
(defadvice display-warning
(around no-warn-.emacs.d-in-load-path (type message &rest unused) activate)
"Ignore the warning about the `.emacs.d' directory being in `load-path'."
(unless (and (eq type 'initialization)
(string-prefix-p "Your `load-path' seems to contain\nyour `.emacs.d' directory"
message t))
(setq package-archives
'(("gnu" . "")
("melpa" . "")
("melpa-stable" . "")
("marmalade" . "")
("org" . "")))
(require 'package)
(unless (package-installed-p 'use-package)
(message "Installing use-package first...")
(unless package-archive-contents
(package-install 'use-package)
(message "Installing use-package first... Done."))
(require 'use-package)
(setq use-package-always-ensure t)
;;; toggle-case
(use-package quelpa-use-package
:init (setq quelpa-update-melpa-p nil))
;;; loaded before anything else because of various macros
;;; (enable-minor-mode-for, after):
(load "custom-functions")
;;; Some settings need to be machine-specific, such as CEDET project
;;; definitions, while others are platform-specific (eg, I used to use
;;; maxframe on osx, but this is redundant on linux where xmonad takes
;;; care of that). To do this, load files (if they exist)
;;; corresponding to the reported 'system-type and 'system-name
;;; (#'load will stick the ".el" on the end automatically). Second
;;; argument 't to 'load means no error if the file doesn't exist.
(load (subst-char-in-string ?/ ?- (symbol-name system-type))
(load system-name t) ; Assume for now it is not fully-qualified.
;;; Load all custom-* files (except for -functions, already loaded above):
(dolist (custom-file (directory-files *mh/lisp-base* nil "custom-.*" t))
(unless (string= "custom-functions" custom-file)
(load custom-file)))
(use-package powerline
:config (powerline-default-theme))
;;; Zenburn is life:
(use-package zenburn-theme)
;;; Load in customize stuff:
(setq custom-file (concat *mh/lisp-base* system-name "-variables.el"))
(load custom-file)
;;; Don't worry about disabled-command warnings:
(setq disabled-command-function nil)
;;; Set up session-saving (see
(use-package session
:init (setq session-save-print-spec '(t nil 40000))
:config (add-hook 'after-init-hook 'session-initialize))
(message ".emacs loaded in %ds"
(destructuring-bind (hi lo ms ps) (current-time)
(- (+ hi lo) (+ (first *mh/load-start-time*)
(second *mh/load-start-time*)))))
(provide 'init)
;;; init.el ends here