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Notes about structure of gtags.el

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1 parent bcb3eb3 commit 04f77e8b3a7601edc7f91dd2268049731637ed80 Mark Hepburn committed
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@@ -45,6 +45,14 @@
;;; etags.el. Locations are in global variable `tags-location-ring',
;;; a ring data structure.
+;;; gtags.el. Locations are in two global variables, one for the
+;;; buffer and one for the point: `gtags-buffer-stack' and
+;;; `gtags-point-stack'. These are just lists, semantically treated
+;;; as stacks. This will require some adjustment; easiest is probably
+;;; to create a marker for each location and return that as a list,
+;;; using save-buffer -> save-excursion -> goto-char -> point-marker
+;;; to create each marker.
(require 'cl)
(defvar tv-separator-string "----"

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