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Tidy-up (using the data-structure accessors instead of car/cdr)

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1 parent 8e68440 commit 9e2396506b131495e6ca8bf0e786bfe5374a4484 @markhepburn committed
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4 tags-view.el
@@ -130,9 +130,9 @@ etc."
(let ((points-and-buffers (map 'list 'tv--make-pb gtags-point-stack gtags-buffer-stack))
(gtags-markers nil))
(dolist (pb points-and-buffers gtags-markers)
- (with-current-buffer (cdr pb)
+ (with-current-buffer (tv--pb-buffer pb)
- (goto-char (car pb))
+ (goto-char (tv--pb-point pb))
(setq gtags-markers (cons (point-marker) gtags-markers)))))))
(defun tv-view-history ()

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