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Mostly done now; operations completed (albeit, not tested for gtags y…

…et), and seems mostly complete. Should probably tidy up a bit with customisation groups, etc, and of course a readme.
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1 parent a4516ee commit fc8a452fea9804dfde6598dc26a21cea267b75b1 @markhepburn committed Sep 14, 2009
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@@ -29,14 +29,21 @@
;;; repeatedly to pop back up the stack, but this would lose your
;;; current location. This module allows you to view the path taken,
;;; and if desired to jump immediately back to any intermediate
-;;; location.
+;;; location, delete any extranous locations, etc.
;;; I don't think this exists, but I haven't looked too hard -- I'd
;;; like the practice of writing something to completion for emacs for
-;;; once!
-;;; TODO:
-;;; * manipulation of the tags list (deletion, etc)
+;;; once, before realising someone else has already provided it!
+;;; Update: ok, I went looking, and of course it exists:
+;;; I'd like to think this offers a little bit different; it supports
+;;; gtags as well out of the box and in theory at least can be
+;;; extended to others, and it offers a few more operations on the
+;;; chronological trace. Of course, if you need any of that is up to
+;;; you :)
+;;; Bugs: Most probably. The gtags backend in particular really
+;;; hasn't copped much testing yet.
;;; Code:
@@ -61,9 +68,11 @@
(defvar tv-backend-list
- (get-tags-list . tv-get-tags-list-for-etags))
+ (get-tags-list . tv-get-tags-list-for-etags)
+ (clear-tag . tv-delete-tag-for-etags))
- (get-tags-list . tv-get-tags-list-for-gtags)))
+ (get-tags-list . tv-get-tags-list-for-gtags)
+ (clear-tag . tv-delete-tag-for-gtags)))
"Assoc list keyed by the symbol returned by
`tv-determine-backend', whose values are also assoc lists
mapping the functionality keys to functions implementing that
@@ -173,7 +182,7 @@ Argument is a marker that will be displayed, along with
(insert (tv-get-lines-with-context pb tv-context-lines) "\n")
(let ((o (make-overlay beg (point))))
(overlay-put o 'mouse-face 'highlight)
- (overlay-put o 'tv-ring-posn posn)
+ (overlay-put o 'tv-stack-posn posn)
(overlay-put o 'tv-buffer (tv--pb-buffer pb))
(overlay-put o 'tv-point (tv--pb-point pb)))))
@@ -200,19 +209,54 @@ Argument is a marker that will be displayed, along with
(buffer-substring start end)))))
;;; to implement; different methods of operating on the current selection:
-(defun tv-display-tag-other-window ())
+(defmacro with-tag-info (locn args &rest body)
+ "Macro to facilitate writing tag-stack operations. First
+ argument is the location (point) in the buffer, the second is
+ an \"argument list\" of buffer, position, and stack position,
+ all taken from the tag under point, and the remainder is the
+ body. The arg-list args will be bound within the body to the
+ values corresponding to the tag under point."
+ (declare (indent 2))
+ (let ((o (gensym "tv-overlay-")))
+ `(let* ((,o (or (car-safe (overlays-at ,locn))
+ (car (overlays-at (next-overlay-change ,locn)))))
+ (,(car args) (overlay-get ,o 'tv-buffer))
+ (,(cadr args) (overlay-get ,o 'tv-point))
+ (,(caddr args) (overlay-get ,o 'tv-stack-posn)))
+ ,@body)))
+(defun tv-display-tag-other-window (location)
+ (interactive "d")
+ (with-tag-info location (buf posn stack)
+ (let ((tags-win (selected-window)))
+ (with-current-buffer (pop-to-buffer buf)
+ (goto-char posn)
+ (recenter))
+ (select-window tags-win))))
(defun tv-jump-to-tag-and-quit (location)
(interactive "d")
- (let* ((o (or (car-safe (overlays-at location))
- (car (overlays-at (next-overlay-change location)))))
- (buf (overlay-get o 'tv-buffer))
- (posn (overlay-get o 'tv-point)))
+ (with-tag-info location (buf posn stack)
(switch-to-buffer buf)
(goto-char posn)
-(defun tv-clear-tag-at-point ())
-;;; Navigation:
+(defun tv-delete-tag-at-point (location)
+ (interactive "d")
+ (with-tag-info location (buf posn stack-pos)
+ (tv--call-fn-for-backend 'clear-tag (tv-determine-backend) stack-pos)
+ ;; redraw:
+ (tv-view-history)))
+;;; implementations:
+(defun tv-delete-tag-for-etags (stack-position)
+ (ring-remove tags-location-ring stack-position))
+(defun tv-delete-tag-for-gtags (stack-position)
+ (labels
+ ((delete-nth (n lst)
+ (setcdr (nthcdr (1- n) lst) (nthcdr (1+ n) lst))))
+ (delete-nth stack-position gtags-point-stack)
+ (delete-nth stack-position gtags-buffer-stack)))
+;;; Navigation (mostly borrowed from browse-kill-ring):
(defun tv-next-tag (&optional arg)
"Move point forward to the next tag. Optional numeric argument
moves forward that many tags."
@@ -267,7 +311,9 @@ Argument is a marker that will be displayed, along with
(define-key km "k" 'tv-previous-tag)
;; operation:
- (define-key km "\C-m" 'tv-jump-to-tag-and-quit)
+ (define-key km "\C-m" 'tv-jump-to-tag-and-quit)
+ (define-key km "o" 'tv-display-tag-other-window)
+ (define-key km "d" 'tv-delete-tag-at-point)
;; cleanup:
(define-key km "q" 'delete-window)))

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