A Chrome extension to expand shortened URLs using the untiny.me service.
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Untiny.ws is a service that expands a huge number (233, at time of writing!) of URLs as shortened by bit.ly, is.gd, etc. It's a very clean, tidy, and performant site --- you should check it out.

Chrome Extensions

The site also offers an API, and there are a few add-ons that take advantage of this such as firefox plugins and native apps, listed here. There is an extension for Chrome, but it requires you to manually enter the URL to be expanded into a popup. There is a greasemonkey script for firefox which transparently expands and replaces shortened URLs inline, and a port of this with slightly different behaviour (the original text is left intact, with an icon with the expanded URL inserted) and dramatically improved performance can be found here.

Chrome can run greasemonkey scripts as extensions, with just a few restrictions. Unfortunately, one of those restrictions is on making cross-site AJAX requests, which untiny of course relies on.

This extension then is a port of that modified greasemonkey script to a Chrome extension, which circumvents that restriction. It also adds a few tweaks, such as the option to choose between URL update behaviours like inserting a link next to the original text, or replacing the original link with the expanded URL.


  • [DONE] Filter pages the script runs on (for example, skip bit.ly itself). The docs imply that this can't be done in the extension manifest, which seems a bit odd.
  • [DONE] Add alternative behaviour to replace the original text.
  • [DONE] Add a preferences page, with (at least) options to select the replacement behaviour, and specify the list of pages to ignore. Hopefully this can be accessed from the extensions page, since I don't want to add a browser_action icon (unnecessary clutter).
  • Error handing: only replace the url if it was correctly expanded (the greasemonkey script needs this too)
  • Style the options page up
    • Upload!